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Trip to Malaysia

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My first solo trip to Malaysia....a little nervous. Unfortunately, it ended up pretty well!! I had fun and met many friendly people. I chose Malaysia because at least I am more familiar with this country. 7 days trip to Malaysia...hmm...I know, such a short one but it was a great experience though.



I started my journey on the 17th February 2007. Took a night coach from Johor Baru to Alor Star, Kedah Bus Terminal which costs about RM$50/=. It took me 11 hours to get there. Then a 10min bus ride to Kuala Kedah Jetty. From there, Ferry ride to Pulau Langkawi. It was a peak period during that time....Chinese New Year....so, to find a budget accommodation wasn't easy but I managed to find one where I stayed for 3 nights.

Met a girl name Ida. We were heading to the same direction. She was born in Langkawi but currently working as a pharmacists in Kuala Lumpur. Going home to visit her parents during the festive season. Anyway, we split when taking the ferry because we booked a different ferry ticket without noticed. Took me 2 hours to get to Langkawi Jetty.....and oops!! I forgotten all about the bus ticket to Kuantan, Pahang.....When reaching Langkawi Jetty, I immediately took a taxi heading to the hotel which I already booked 3 weeks earlier. The taxi driver is a young and friendly man name Khalid. He really helped me a lot. From going to interesting places till discounts on entrance fee and ferry tickets back to Kuala Perlis. Interesting huh?

It was Sunday mid afternoon, 18 February 2007. Checked-in the hotel. Rest for an hour and a half then went to take a speedboat from Chenang Beach to Tasik Dayang Bunting, Pulau Beras Basah and watch the Eagle Feeding which was arranged by Khalid himself, lasted about 4 hours. This costs me RM$50/=.


This is a lake of legend. There are stories behind this.

It took about 15 to 20 min to reach that Lake by speedboat. Steps, steps and many steps. Beware of the monkeys!! It was still alright going to the lake....not many steps up but a longer way down. Many people there.....Old and Young couple, Families, Children and Me...most of them took a dip in the lake but not me. Just put my feet into the water and oooohh! how cool it was. We were given an hour to explore, take a swim in the cold water and experience the beautiful scenery. I met Helmi, a young boy, on holiday with his family. Well, nice of him to help me took my picture. They were from Kuala Lumpur but we didn't talk much because he was busy taking care of his little brother and sister.

It was time to go back to the boat. Going back was way more tiring. Longer way up the steps....gasping for air, rest a little...a little more steps left, then aaahh!!! steps down back to the boat was alright. Then, the same boat bring us to a place where the Eagles were fed.



I wasn't fast enough to capture the eagles swoosh down to the sea and catch its prey. I am not a good photographer but it was a wonderful experience. Never in my life an Eagle flew so near me to catch its prey from the sea live!!! Swoosh! and another one....swoosh...and there, another one!! Wow, fantastic!!!

After that, we headed to Beras Basah Beach.


Nice beach with clean, white sand and a beautiful sceneries. A perfect place for swim, sunbathing and relaxing. Watersports, of course....such as parasailing, jetskiing and banana boat ride. I was too tired to do anything when I was there. So, i just relax. Took pictures and sit under the shades....no...no sunbathing for me. I get tanned very easily.




Enough tour for almost half a day, then back to the hotel. Had an early dinner and go straight to bed. Never slept early in my life but I guess, I was too tired. Actually I suppose to meet a friend of mine, Nitin from India, at the hotel where I was staying but he never showed up.


Nitin woke me up early in the morning. We had breakfast and then took taxi downtown to Kuah, a famous duty-free shopping area. Alcohol and Cigarettes are really cheap. As I can remember, he bought a few cans of Carlsberg to bring with him to the camping site.

It was already midday and we still have not found a place to put up his tent. After asking around with the locals, we finally found a place for him. So, we went to Chenang Beach where he can put up his tent there for RM$5/night with unlimited shower. We spent the whole day at the Beach. In fact, there are many things you can find and do there. Food, Bars, Water Sports, small shops, shopping mall and even underwater world where you can see different species of marine creatures.




The weather was beautiful. The sun, the sea and the clear blue sky....it was breathtaking. A perfect place for everyone. In the evening, just spend my time sitting on the beach enjoying the cold sea breeze and the beautiful view of sunset. Not forgetting, the Little Lylia's Cafe. Nitin and I enjoy some live entertainment in the Cafe before me heading back to the hotel.




The third day in Langkawi, I visited a few places of interest. Khalid brought me to Mt Cincang, a highland. He got me a discounted ticket for the cable ride up to the peak and experience the cold temperature of about 15-18 deg C. The cable ride took about 15mins to get to the peak. From there, I can see many small islands and can even touch the clouds. Feel the clean, cold and fresh gentle wind.....that was amazing.




Langkawi is an island full of Legends. The most famous legend is the tragedy of Mahsuri. Visited her resting place and the village her families used to live.



The museum of handicraft. Batik and Songket (cloth material) where you can only find in Kedah and other states of Malaysia.



Seven wells waterfall. Beautiful, Cool and Clear water.
This would be my last place after going around the island of Langkawi by taxi. It was exciting and educational. Actually there are more to explore. Since I am there for only 4 days, I missed the trip to mangrove. I will check it out next time I visit Langkawi again.


Spent my last hours at Chenang Beach. I will remember how beautiful the beach was, the smell of the late evening breeze and the sunset. Shall take all the wonderful memories back to Singapore.

Overall, Langkawi is a peaceful island. Best place for trekking, watersports and relaxing. You can find all kinds of watersports such as Snorkelling, Diving, Parasailing, Jetskiing....in fact almost anything. Hardly seen any factories, so, no pollution. Therefore, clean environment. Majority are Muslim residents. People are friendly and helpful. Good food is not a problem. Seafood are most recommended. Transport is a little problem because there are no buses and taxi fares are not cheap. So, it is better to rent cars, motorbikes or bicycles.



I managed to get a bus ticket to Kuantan, Pahang from the Ferry Terminal. I made a mistake there.....Should have bought a bus ticket to Kuala Lumpur instead because it is nearer to Bukit Tinggi. Anyway, it was too late.

Khalid help me get the discounted ferry ticket to Kuala Perlis terminal. To my surprise, I got the best seat ever!!.....a big, crew cabin on the second floor all by myself. I can even choose to sit in or enjoy the view and feel the strong wind outdoor. It took about 1 1/2 hour to reach the terminal. From the ferry terminal, 5mins walk to the bus terminal and hop into the coach to Kuantan, Pahang. It was a long 12 hours journey. Then I took a taxi to Selesa Resort, Bukit Tinggi which I had booked a room earlier. The resort was situated far from the city. It was so peaceful and quiet. Stayed there for 2 nights and doing nothing. I really had a wonderful rest there. Eat, sleep, watch t.v. and a long warm bath. This is what I really need.....


It was my last day in Malaysia. I had another 1 whole day to go around since my train back to Woodlands, Singapore was at 10pm. So my next destination after a long rest will be the popular highlands in Malaysia, Colmar Tropicale and Genting.



I had never been to France before but this place makes me feel like I was there. It is a French-themed resort. Nice, cool weather with a beautiful view of mountains. Far away from the city, so the air is fresh and pollution free. But I think there were something missing........no coffee aroma and no smell of fresh warm rolls!! hmmm.....

Find a spot for a cup of hot coffee. Stayed there for an hour and continue my journey to the next destination.




I have no choice but to take a taxi up to Genting because there are no other transports going there.

Genting is a famous place for gambling. There is a Casino at the top of the hill. For those who are not into gambling, there is a fun place to play too!! The amusement park is fantastic. You may purchase an unlimited ride tickets. The temperature was more colder here. Since there was a slight shower, I believe it was about 15 deg. celcius. I had a light meal at one of the fast food restaurants and at the same time, look and listen to the people screaming on those scary rides. Then find my way to the bus ticket counter.


I was a little lost for a moment. I kept on going in circles and finally, I found the bus station. At first, I thought that I could get a direct bus from there down to KL Central where the train station is. But nope....there are no bus going there! So, I had to turn around and find my way to the skytrain (some people call it a cable car) instead. Heading towards the skytrain was a really long way up. I can't recall how many escalators up I have to take and finally, I got there. Bought the ticket for RM$5. The trip down took about 15 mins. When reaching the ground, I manage to get the 6.30pm bus which costs me RM$3. It took me an hour to reach KL Central.


There are nothing much in KL Central. Some retail shops and eating places. There are city train too which can easily access and travel all around the places in Selangor. While waiting for the KTMB (the international train) back to Singapore, I had something to eat for dinner. Found an affordable restaurant and ordered "Soto".....yummy!! which cost only RM$3.

So, that was it.....all in all, I had a great time!

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